Inspirational Crossings "Walking By Faith"

Inspirational Crossings

by Rose M. Howard | Louis B. Anderson (Illustrator)

Discover various individuals’ travels through life, while facing trials that lead to heartache, stress, pain and lost. Using her enlightening words that flow in rhythm, Howard takes you by hand to trek through a special journey in the pages of Inspirational Crossings “Walking By Faith”.

In this anthology of poems and art illustrations, Howard tells the story and gives insight and inspiration that leads each individual to victory through the Word of God. She believes that it is by the inspiration of God that poetry springs forth through her to fascinate, motivate, and lead others toward repentance in their lives. Through various poetry titles, whether it deals with drug abuse, prostitution or deception, victims can be drawn by God’s aroma to become spellbound and want restoration and salvation. Other titles in these poems are testimonies that will empower individuals to stand on the Word of God that will never fail them.

Wrapped with personal reflections and Bible–based insights, Inspirational Crossings “Walking By Faith” leads the reader to discover that after the trial, each individual can be led uphill to victory through Jesus Christ.

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